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Log Kits and floor plans page 2
     Rain-Deer Lodge -   704 sq.ft.
 22' X 32' One story; 2= bedroom; w/ front porch;  6' x30' side porch; 
 Log Kit. is only $18,732.00 +
 Set up on YOUR site $24,977.00    +
           Plus del. --Boom--Milage--
   Add $2,650.00  for the 8'x8' entryway.
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The answer is "JESUS" with-in
                   "The Veldman Cabin"
 12' 6" by 16'  set- up on site ( including windows and door) came to----     $ 10,092.00+   (dose not include the Floor )
Aug, 2010 
"The McLaughlin Cabin"    Just starting!!       September the 10th.
                                        Sept.      2010
                 This Home is going to Drummon Island : 
   Good Morning!  Our part is now done!   Nov. 15th.
      Mr.McLaughlin & Son and Freind Tom are finshing their Dream Log Cabin; Located  on the shores of Lake Huron;                                                              "    -                                                                            -Richard---
Floor Plans
                "The Mclaughlin Cabin"
  1080 sq.ft. 3.= bedrooms; 1.= bathroom; 8' front porch; roomy great-room;  set-up on your foundation for $35,573.00  +  
  Plus Del.--Boom---Milage---