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         Building a Log Home is a major decision. We would love to making an appointment for you to review your Plans & Dreams. So you can get a feel for us and we for you.  This gives you a opportunity to ask questions, and see homes,
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.        Your imagination is the limit-- 
 With Logs most any design can be met.
     by        Natural Log Cabin's
  We have some very straight forward basic cabins that have real appeal to them.
Notice! the Porch and Roof Design
      by     Natural Log Cabin's
 Notice!  The " Natural Log Porch Posts" 
  Notice!  The window configuration
of this     Hand crafted Log Home 
  by      Natural Log Cabin's   
             The Childrens Play Room          
 is in the Bonus Room  above the Garage
 The bonus room is entered from loft
         by      Natural Log Cabin's
 You are looking at the top story of a Natural Log Home under our Hand scribing facility.
 We thank God for this roof to build under.
           by        Natural Log Cabins
  This      "Natural Log Garage"
          Has living quarters up stairs.
  by       Natural Log Cabins.
  Notice! The cute entry roof of this Log  Home.
      by         Natural Log Cabin's
                                     Inside shot of Log Home
Note! the full length house logs between the windows in the front gable end.  This is important for strength to resist the wind pressure .
  40 ft.  Full Log Queen Truss
     by  Natural Log Cabin's
Log Home's,  come in all kinds of PORCH  DESIGNS
        by  Natural Log Cabin's
"Log stairways" are always a vocal point of our Log Homes 
      by     Natural Log Cabin's
 The large A dormer realy opens up the 
 Master bed room of this Log Home
        By    Natural Log Cabins 
 Special  Trees are our Delight!
 A peek inside the Keplar Log Home
      located south of Fort wayne Ind.
           built in the spring of 2007
           By Natural Log Cabin's
 Log post arch adds more features
  to this Rose Lake log Kitchen
      By Natural Log Cabin's
Keplar  Log Home  south of Fort Wayne  Ind.
  Built  in 2007   By Natural Log Cabin's
 Inside peek of the Keplar Log Home
 Here's 3 shots of the Keplar Log Home 
  under construction. By Natural Log Cabin's
 Keplar Log Home
 Sleeping Bear dunes Home  Built in 2003
       By   Natural Log Cabin's
 ~ Family operated
  ~30Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Homes!
          To start Your
          To start Your
   Here's a peek at the   'Scribe work "
   of a cabin under construction.
       by        Natural Log Cabins
 A closer look at the window design
         by      Natural Log Cabin's
   The Walker Home!
             Robert's Log Home
at     Lake St. Helen's
Built in 2009
 ~ Family operated
  ~30 Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Homes!
The Gasper Home, Built in 2009.
Inside of Moore Home, Built in 2009.
Notice, the triple archway.
The Hunt Home, Built in 2008.