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Munschy Log Horse Barn

Munschy Horse Barn
6 stall,  1728 sq. ft.
$48,335.00+/- Plus Boom/ Delivery
 log work setup on your site.
This price includes everything from foundation through stalls; 
                 R--5  Cabins
     These cabin PLANS are very
      good for the following sizes
 16' x 20  w/ 8' loft w/ 6' x 18' porch w/ 8' shed dormer w/ 6' front porch   Log Kit.-  $14,432.00+/-
    $19,243.00+/- set up on your site. Plus Boom/Delivery.                                                              
 18' x 24'  w/ 10' loft  w/ 6' x 22' porch w/ 10' shed dormer w/ 6' front porch; Log Kit.- $16,692.00+/-          $22,257.00+/- set up on your site. Plus Boom/ Delivery.                                                             
 20 x 30'  w/ 14' loft w/ 8' x 28' porch w/ 14' shed dormer w/ 8' front porch; Log Kit. $$20,209.00+/-
  $26,942.00+/- set up on your site. Plus Delivery.     
The R-5 Log Cabin Kit
     Rain-Deer Lodge -   704 sq.ft.
 22' X 32' One story; 2= bedroom; w/ front porch;  6' x30' side porch; 
 Log Kit. is only $15,083.00 +/-
 Set up on YOUR site $20,111.00+/-  Plus Crane/ delivery
   Add $2,450.00  for the 8'x8' entryway.
Log Reign Deer Lodge
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  Sleeping Bear "Log Home"  2776 sq.ft.
30' x 44' w/ 20' x20' Great room; 
2.  A dormers; 44' shed dormer;
           2-= 8' x 20' porches;       
  Log Kit. $61,926.00+/- 
Built on YOUR site $82,568.00+/-  
Plus Boom/ Del.
  This design would make an ideal 
 "bed & breakfast"
  2 bath; 5 bedrooms;   "we customize"
2003  Home
The Sleeping Bear Log Home
         The DeRosa Log Cabin
22 ft x 32 ft Single story Log Home w/ a Qween truss for Purloin support. And a 6ft. front porch. This is a very nice economical Cabin..  

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The following prices    do not include-Roof- foundation-windows-doors-electrical-plumbing-heating-finsh flooring;