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     What is included in the  "Erected Log Kit Price".?? 
    1~Walls = Red pine house logs, From 11" to 7" from  - flat to flat.- 
              All Logs are hand  pealed with the log wizard.- Included
                                (P.s. We Can & Do 12''-14'' 
                      Log Walls or Larger Special Order!). 
  2~ Full log floor joists,  32 inch O/C. to see click on images.- Included
  3~ Full log roof purlins  48 inch O/C.- Included
  4~ Full log gable ends. - Included     
  5~ Full log dormers.  - Included
  6~ Full log Porch purlins.- Included
  7~ Porch posts.- Included
  8~ Window & door openings cut out and splined; (steel spline) - Included
  9~ We also offer window installation, trim them out, & log window sills -         For Extra Cost, but can be included.
  10~ Log Railing/installation for the Deck, Loft and stairway - Extra, but             can be included.
  11~ Full log stairway/installation- Extra, but can be included
  12~ Log Glue- Included
  13~ House log nails,and screws. - Included
  14~ Spray Foam to seal corners and joints.- Included
  156% Michigan sales tax- Included.  
              ''Kit Price'' is Loaded on YOUR  truck. 
 or we can arrange delivery.
''Erected Kit Price'' is us Reassembling the Log Kit on your subfloor and Includes shipping/Crane etc.
NOTE: You do not add the two prices together.​

                  If we set up the Log work on YOUR site;  on YOUR sub-floor,
                 We furnish boom truck;  fork lift;   delivery  and all labor;
   These Full Log Homes are  HAND SCRIBED  see  image above

    We specialize in   -"Full log trusses;"-   Character Posts,
                      and  Full-filling Dreams;

                          Our standard "Roof" Systems
 -3/4 inch  T & G pine ceiling; ( on top of roof Log Purlin) -Cathedral Ceiling 
-Titanium Synthetic Roofing next;  
- 2 x 12  24 inch  O/ C.  (to create insulation cavity)
-42 Rs Cellulose Insulation Solid Packed.
 -1/2 inch O.S B. sheathing,Titanium Synthetic Roofing, 40 Year metal roofing.
 -Two-Step Cedar Facia,  3/4 inch pine soffit, & Ridge Vents.
NOTICE!!!! The Log Home Kit does not include the Roof System unless if otherwise stated!!
          To start Your
 ~ Family operated
  ~30 Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Log Homes!
 We were blessed to find two semi loads     of large jumbo trees. 19 to 22in. butt's
    They would build a breath taking!!
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 To sit down at the drawing table call 1-231-570-2004-
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