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Custom log Home Kits.
We specialize in taking your plans and dreams and turning them into a handcrafted log home designed and built just for you. If you have a local builder you wish to use, we will provide the complete log work package ready for assembly on your lot. If you would like us to construct it, we will gladly do so.

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  ~30 Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Log Homes!
   "Keplar Log Home"         2204 sq.ft.
  28 by 48' w/  4 by 20' great room extension
 w/  24' by 32'  Garage;   3 bedroom;
1st. floor=  1376 sq.ft.
2nd. floor= 828 sq. ft. Log Kit. $61,133.00+/-
Garage =  768  sq. ft.    Log work set up on YOUR site;
           $81,510.00 +/-  plus  Boom/ delivery.              
                            "The  Moore Home"
  1st.  floor              2,312  sq.ft.  Plus 3= Covered porches
  2nd. floor              2,312 sq. ft.      Log Kit.  price  
  Garage                 1,200 sq. ft.       $ 95,643.00  +/-
                  total       5,824  sq. ft.  Set up on Your site;    
           plus  delivery                          $125,524.00  +/-
       Hubbard Log Home          1360 sq.ft.  3 or 4 bedroom
 There are many options to this home!
   Log Kit. $31,395.00 +/-     
Built on YOUR site $ 45,274.00 +/-

  Sleeping Bear   "Log Home"  2776 sq.ft.
30' x 44' w/ 20' x20' Great room; 
2.  A dormers; 44' shed dormer;
           2-= 8' x 20' porches;        
  Log Kit. $76,911.00  +/-
   Log work Built on YOUR Site $102,549.00  Plus Boom & Del.  
  This design would make an ideal 
 "bed & breakfast"
  2 bath; 5 bedrooms;   "we customize"
           "Walker Log Home"      1568 sq. ft.
 28' x 36' w/ 8'front porch; w/ 8' x 20' side porch;            w/16' A dormer; w/  8' x 18' sunroom; w/ large master-bedroom- in loft.
 1,568 sq. ft. ;   3 = Bedrooms  
                       Log Kit.  $32,474.00  +/-
        Log work  Built on YOUR site - $52,855.00  +/-
                 Total roof system app. $ 33,328.00  
      Abraham  Log Home      3,600 sq. ft. 
  32' x 48' ;  20'. x 18' master-bedroom wing; 24' x 34' garage with 384 sq.ft. bunus room;  2,3,4 bedrooms
 Log kit. $64,339.00  +/-
Log work Built on YOUR site $85,786.00 +
"2008  Home"
'2009  Home"
"2006  Home"
"2006  Home"
    2005 Home
2003  Home
The Keplar Log Home
The Moore Log Home
The Hubbard Log Home
The Sleeping Bear Log Home
     '2009  Home"
 "The Robert's Home "  '     1192 sq.ft.
     26' by 34' w/ 8' front porch. and 1/2 loft;  
         The Log Kit app,  $30,155.00 +/-   
 and app  $ 40,206.00.  +/- set up on your site,            Plus Boom/ delivery cost.            
The Roberts Log Home
Link to what all is included in a Log Kit
The Abraham Log Hom
The answer is "JESUS" with-in
              MANTENACE--MANTENACE ????
   ----UP KEEP--- UP KEEP?????
In the past Log Homes got a bad name, because of the huge amount of up keep they needed.
 Thanks to the latest technology in chinks, and stains and our experience in designing we are able to tell you that the up keep has been reduced dramatically. 
  We are in the 12th Year in ours and have had virtually no chink breaks,  
Picture of log home" Waters Edge " model green steel roof
  "Water's Edge Model"    2010
 Open almost every Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm for viewing, all other times call for appointment. as it is rented out -Richard-
 " Water's Edge Model"  3 or 4 bedrooms; large nook;
ioft. front porch; 36ft. side porch; loft balcany; Queen truss infront ; Includes Log stairway to loft, and railing; designed 
with or without garage. (garage not included in price)
 Log Kit price at our yard  $53,914.00+/- tax included.
  Log work set up on Your site  $78,202.00+/- Plus Boom/ Del.
  Weekend  "Rental"  opportunity
Vacation Log Cabin Model
          To start Your
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   "THE KUNTZ'S HOME"    Our June Home  2011
  1528 sq.ft. one story home.  log work set-up on site $44,631.00  +/-
   The boy's set-up the Log work and roof system and installed the  windows in a record 7 days. of course it took some time to scribe the    Logs together in our Yard.            The "Kuntz Family" will take over from here 
         This is a "Single Story Home"  

 2011  Home
Log Home--Cabin
                           "The Talbet Home"   
  26 by 48 w/ 4 ft. exstended greatroom;      24 by 32 Garage ; 2,000 sq.ft.   3.= bedrooms ;           2.= baths;   2.=9' A Dormers; 1=20' shed Dormer in loft; 2.= 8' by 14' porches
                  Filled in corners and no splices
   Log Kit. loaded on your truck  $ 66,415.00+/-
    Log Kit. Set-up on your site   $92,481.00 +/-                                                                    Plus Del.
             Roof system comes app.  $ 38,880.00

In the building process
The following prices    do not include-Roof- foundation-windows-doors-electrical-plumbing-heating-finsh flooring; interior framed walls; chink and stain; Log work only
The prices do not include= Roof; elect.; heating; plumbing; foundation through 1st. floor; finish flooring; interior framed walls; kitchen cabinets;
  It only includes the Log work;