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   2010 & 2011
       "The Beaushaw Home"
This is a very roomy 1200sq.ft. 2 bedroom.
in the 150 to $195,500.00  Turn Key  +
  This Home is Done Too!!!  It was a good exsperance to get to Know the "Beaushaw's"
   Thank You  and "May God Bless"        
           2010  &  2011
                         "The Pardington Home"
28ft. X 32ft. (896sq.ft.) on 1st. floor; (480sq.ft. on 2nd. floor
  with a full 896ft.  basement. Log Kit.=  $42,849.00  Plus Del.  +
  Sit-up on your site $ 57,753.00 Plus Del  +   This Cabin is Done Too!!  We learned a lot on this home Mr. Pardington had many good idea's. and in His Goodness He's welcoming us to show it to you. Plus He is willing for You to call Him for a referance. 1-734-716-0183 So give me a call          1-231-667-0654---  "THANK YOU MR. PARDINGTON"                           -----Richard------                        
      "The Zook Home"   2012
"The Zook Home"  2012
This 1,972 sq. ft. home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, large breakfast nook, full Log open stairway, a 26 ft. and 19 ft. shed dormers to open up the loft, 10 ft. front porch w/ Queen truss, 8 X 28 covered side Porch, and a full day light Basement.
 Log Kit loaded on your truck $59,175.00  +/-
 We will set up the Home on your
 site for a total of = $79,765.00  Plus del.   +
   "The Talbet Home"   2011   
  26 by 48 w/ 4 ft. exstended greatroom;      24 by 32 Garage ; 2,000 sq.ft.   3.= bedrooms ;           2.= baths;   2.=9' A Dormers; 1=20' shed Dormer in loft; 2.= 8' by 14' porches
                  Filled in corners and no splices
   Log Kit. loaded on your truck    $ 66,415.00  +
    Log Kit. Set-up on your site       $92,481.00  +                                                                    Plus Del.
             Roof system comes app.  $ 38,880.00

Log Cabin Natural
 "The Schroff Home"             2012
 This single story 1,724 sq. ft, Home has 2 large master bedrooms with large bathrooms,
Large 26 X 34 ft. open Greatroom-dining R. Kitchen- entry area, 10 ft. covered front porch w/ queen truss:  Full open day-light basement. with an 3 car attached garage.
 We offer the Log work all set up on your foundation for            $81,570.00 Plus del.  +
                   "THE KUNTZ'S HOME"                             Our  "2011" June Home   1528 sq.ft. one story home.   The boy's set-up the Log work and roof system and installed the 
   windows in a record 7 days. of course it took some time to scribe the Logs together in our Yard.    The "Kuntz Family" will take over from here.            log work set-up on site $44,631.00 +                                                                                          ------Richard-------
  The Talbet Home 2011
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The prices do not include= Roof; elect.; heating; plumbing; foundation through 1st. floor; finish flooring; interior framed walls; kitchen cabinets;
  It only includes the Log work;