"The Talbot Home"   2011

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The answer is "JESUS" with-in
                           "The Talbet Home"   
  26 by 48 w/ 4 ft. exstended greatroom;      24 by 32 Garage ; 2,000 sq.ft.   3.= bedrooms ;           2.= baths;   2.=9' A Dormers; 1=20' shed Dormer in loft; 2.= 8' by 14' porches
                  Filled in corners and no splices
   Log Kit. loaded on your truck    $ 66,415.00+
    Log Kit. Set-up on your site     $92,481.00 +        Plus Del.--Boom---Milage---
             Roof system comes app.  $ 38,880.00
This floor lay-out is great if you want the Greatroom,
Kitchen and bedroom all facing your main veiw;
  This floor-plan is simular to the Keplar and Moore
A shot of the Loft area;
A shot from the boom of the floor Joist system going together, its a real fun process;
The railings just freshly put into place;
A good veiw of our filled in corners and how we can swoop them, to get the full scrib feel.
A very good shot of one of our most popular designs;
The open-- bedroom --- sewing room--or  office design, opened with a large archway;
"The Talbot Home" Is a good design if you want the master-bedroom as well as the Greatroom and dineing room Yes, also the two loft bedrooms  facing your  main veiw;