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"The Khodl Cabin"
             "The Khodl Home"
 3.=bed-room 2.=full bathrooms;
24'X 22'  Great-room; Kitchen area w/ 14' x 30' bedroom --bath--mud-room  wing;
8'x24 front porch; 2.= 6'side porches;
1st. floor is 948 sq.ft.; loft floor is 530sq.ft.
                                     Total area=1,478 sq.ft.
       Log kit loaded on your truck   $31,763.00
      Log kit. set-up on your site $45,005.00
   Roof system includes ceiling  Pus del.--Boom--Milage----
- insulation--and either metal or shingles                    Total Roof system app.      $23,760.00   

        "The Khodl Cabin"     Oct.  2011   Cabin   
     The boys broke their own record! In two days they had this home in the dry.  This one will be of interest to many of you as it is a 3- Bedroom that you should be able to get into for under $150,000. it will have 2 side porches plus the front porch. -------Richard-& Boy's 
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